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I think we as K-pop fans should borrow the “lol” tag idea from Gleeks. If you have a group, pairing, idol, etc that you hate or have something negative to say about or want to shade, instead of tagging them and upsetting the fandom, you can tag, say, “lol daragon”. That way all the people who also hate daragon have a tag, and all the people who love daragon don’t have to see that shit in their tags. Get it? Wanna try it? 

And on that note (last reblog)

It’s incredibly poignant that a K-pop band would win Video of the Year at the YTMAs. Because YouTube has been the driving force behind K-pop for years, now. 

I knew K-pop existed before YouTube, but I got into K-pop through YouTube videos. 

And K-pop continued to grow and spread because of YouTube. There aren’t many international fans that can say their introduction to K-pop didn’t come with a YouTube binge. 

And K-pop has been a huge part of YouTube ever since around 2009 when the bands and companies started to make official channels. 

I’m so glad YouTube recognized K-pop at their first Music Awards show. I’m so glad they didn’t choose to ignore the impact that K-pop has, or the impact that YouTube has had on K-pop. The relationship between K-pop and YouTube is a strong one, and I’m glad they chose to show that by allowing Girls Generation, a REAL K-pop idol group that K-pop fans think about when you say “K-pop”, to be honored in this way. (No disrespect to PSY, but most K-pop fans don’t even discuss him, mostly because before Gangnam Style, he wasn’t really even considered “K-pop”.) I’m glad they even had Girls Generation nominated. 

So, the haters can hate because they have chosen to remain oblivious to the happenings of the world outside of The UK and North America, but K-pop and YouTube are incredibly intertwined, and it truly does make sense for Girls Generation (SNSD to us) to win this award. 

Love from a VIP/Blackjack to all the Sones, and all the K-pop family. <3

I don’t even stan SNSD



GG deserved it. Haters gon hate. 

I started talking about this on my twitter, but I really wanted to get into the topic, so I’ll bring it here. It’s much easier to share a complete thought, here, than twitter. 

This is mostly in reference to the general K-pop fandom, but it goes for every celebrity & pop star, and every person, too.

So many K-pop fans get angry when anyone suggests their idols may be queer people, but ask yourself, why is that? Why is it wrong or bad to suggest that someone is queer, but perfectly fine to default them as straight?

There are countless sexual identities and orientations besides cis-straight. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, genderqueer, transgender, and so on. 

It literally does not make sense for the countless amount of Korean popstars to all be cis-straight people. Especially at this point, with there being so many K-pop idols that I couldn’t even begin to name them all. They say that 1 in every 10 people is queer. That’s the statistic stated most often, and that’s only the people who identify themselves as queer. I believe there are probably more than that who are queer people, but are either ashamed, in denial, or confused about it. But even if there were only 1 in 10 people who were queer in the K-pop industry, that would mean that out of 100 idols, 10 would be queer people. And considering that the population of idols wouldn’t be representative of the general population, and that arts and entertainment and fashion careers tend to have a higher percentage of queer people than the general population, it would probably be more than that. 

It is legit unrealistic to believe that 0 out of 100 idols would be queer people. 

The only reason you freak out when people suggest an idol is queer is because you have associated being queer with something negative. You think that admitting your oppa/unnie may be queer is admitting that they are less of a person, less deserving of their fame, less deserving of your sexual attraction.

It’s also because you’re erasing non-homosexual queer identities. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual (again, if you perceive that as negative, it’s just because your thinking is wrong, not because homosexuality is wrong), but being bisexual or pansexual is not being homosexual. 

Especially with guys, people often assume that non-homosexual queer identities just means that they are gay(or in denial somehow). 

There’s also this biphobic response, where people think “eww, I would never date/sleep with/marry a bisexual.” Which goes back to them being “less deserving of your sexual attraction” if they are in fact queer. 

I also don’t understand this need people have to default everybody as straight. Heterosexuality is not the default. It is common, not default, and it’s only common because many queer identities are still taboo. Just because you don’t know what someone’s sexual orientation is doesn’t mean they’re straight. Also, it’s not “straight until he/she says they’re queer,” either. I do not agree with that and I never will. That suggests that we should default people as straight.

That being queer is weird, and suggesting someone is queer is an insult. 

I’m definitely not advocating outing idols, but wondering, suggesting, … or even hoping an idol is queer is not outing. Especially not for celebrities.

Outing is when you reveal that someone is queer against their will, sometimes with evidence, sometimes just with your words. It’s a much different thing than saying “I think G-Dragon is bisexual.” It’s a much more hurtful thing than that. And it’s wrong of you to use “lol don’t out people” as your excuse to be allowed to default idols as straight. 

It’s about identifying with someone. It’s about representation. Granted, not everyone who ever suggested that an idol may be queer is queer themselves, but the fact still remains that this is about representation.

It’s also about realism. The reality is that a lot of famous people (Korean and otherwise) who are queer do not find it easy to come out, and many of them never will. Even when you have your Hong Suk Chuns, or your Neil Patrick Harris’, there are some people on both sides who feel like coming out would ruin their entire career or even their lives. Many of them live as queer people in their personal lives, but either don’t discuss it or deny it in their public career. 

Sure, some of it is just fandoms shipping same sex idols together. And so what? It’s no different than shipping opposite sex idols together, and it’s not somehow more wrong or offensive unless you think something is wrong with being queer and that being called queer if offensive (in which case, it’s you with the problem, not the shippers.) But seriously, it’s possible to believe an idol to be queer without it having to do with any OTP. The main idols that people in the major K-pop fandom think are queer usually have nothing to do with any ships. 

I understand wanting to defend idols from the usual “lol he’s so gay” trolls, but defending those idols by agreeing with those trolls that it would in fact be a problem if he was “so gay” is wrong. And treating those who actually think your idols are legit queer, and don’t think that’s a negative thing, the same as those trolls is also wrong.

It says more about your own homophobia and insecurity than homosexuality, or the person who dared to believe your idol is gay. 

Anyway. Just think about that for a moment. Why is it wrong to suggest that you know an idol’s sexuality when it’s a queer identity, but fine to suggest you know an idol’s sexuality when it’s heterosexuality? 

Because I don’t get this, maybe y’all can answer this for me.

Directioners, Britney fans, Sones, and other fandoms.

I know most of you do not feel this way, and a lot of you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. As far as Directioners, last night there was a lot of beef over the MTV Italy awards, but honestly, most of you guys looked pretty chill and nice, and a lot of you didn’t even seem to care that Big Bang won. So, this isn’t at all of you.

But I’m addressing these fandoms because this is where I’ve seen this particular comment from. I’m addressing these fandoms, because some of you have joked about this, and I don’t understand it.

Why is it funny to joke about death?

Those of you who know what I’m talking about know that Daesung from Big Bang was involved in a fatal car accident last year that took the life of a young motorcyclist. The authorities deemed that it wasn’t his fault, but Daesung was so hurt that this happened and he paid for the young man’s funeral expenses, and went to the funeral, and spoke to his family members privately to apologize again for their son & brother’s death.

A lot of antis took this opportunity to call him a murderer, because they’re dicks with nothing better to do, basically, and they grossly misunderstand the concept of murder. (Murder isn’t causing death, murder is deliberately killing someone, or doing something to them that you know could kill them and not caring. At the most, what happened with Daesung was manslaughter, and the police determined it wasn’t his fault, so clearly it was only an accident.)

Where YOUR fandoms come in (except Sones, because you’re a K-pop fandom, so you knew since it happened. I have no idea why some of you choose to be Big Bang antis, since you’re a girl group and Big Bang is a boy band…), is that both of your artists lost to Big Bang in recent MTV awards. 

Britney Spears in the MTV EMA Best Worldwide Act award.

One Direction in the MTV Italy TRL Best Fans award.

Let me ask you, seriously, and I’m not even trying to be funny… but why, then, did some of you deem it acceptable to start trolling and saying that Big Bang is a “group with a murderer” in it.

 I could never figure out why this makes me so mad, because usually when people troll my groups, I troll back, or ignore it, because trolling is stupid and childish. But that particular statement just bothered me.

I just realized why. It’s not even because of Big Bang, or Daesung. It’s because someone died. Someone died, and you guys are making light of it, because your POP ACT lost a pointless MTV award to another POP ACT. Because One Direction lost the MTV Best Fan award to Big Bang, you deemed it acceptable to joke about someone else’s death.

Where are your priorities?

Now, you have Britney Spears, and One Direction. BRITNEY SPEARS AND ONE DIRECTION. Do you know how many awards they both have and will win in their careers? How many awards that matter SO MUCH MORE than an “EMA” or a “TRL Award”? 

So, you could spare those two actually rather pointless awards, and just forget about it, right? It doesn’t affect Britney’s long amazing career, or the fact the One Direction are basically the biggest boyband in the world, and only growing in fame, popularity, and recognition. 

But, no. You take a tragedy, and make light of it because your boy band or pop princess lost. 

Daesung’s a “murderer”, because he didn’t slam on brakes in time. But you’re not a dick for making light of some young guy’s death because your pop group lost. 

And I know every fandom has it’s good and it’s bad. I know Directioners just had an incident with Niall’s cousin on twitter, and a lot of other Directioners were angry at the girls that did that to her. So, I see that you guys have hearts, and brains, and a lot of you are logical and kind. Same with Britney fans, you guy’s most recent thing is caring for this little boy who has cancer, because Britney tweeted about it. 

I’m not saying your fandoms are bad. 

I’m just saying, could you please try to use reason, when you lose? And could you please try to tell the crazy people in your fandoms that it’s not funny to joke about someone’s death, ever, in any capacity?

Some of you may argue “it’s not about the young man’s death, but about Daesung’s action.” Which, okay, cool… but this is STILL an incident that is very serious, and shouldn’t be made light of.

Because most of you people say it JUST to get under VIPs skin. Not because you think the world needs rescuing from Daesung, but because you want to make fans angry and argue back with you. 

Or you just want to amuse yourself and another group of fans. “OMG, I can’t believe One Direction lost to a group with a murderer in it.” Seriously? How is that type of joking considered okay? 

Damn. Please, call him gay, call him ugly, say he can’t sing or dance…

But don’t joke about the most painful incident in his life, and the lives of the victim’s family. YOU seem like more of a monster than Daesung ever was. 

Also, when you say “murderer” you evoke the images of a man with a knife walking around slashing people’s throats. It’s the wrong word. You people KNOW it’s the wrong word, you just want to make people angry. 

Which is what’s sick about it.

Seriously, if you find it funny or cool to call Daesung a murderer, simply because you know it will piss off fans, YOU NEED HELP. You sound like a sociopath. 

Damn. At least find something better to joke about. And with Big Bang, there are tons of things. You can even call GD a drug addict, I’m more okay with that, than the murderer thing. That is not funny at all.

Look, if you think that’s funny, please… avoid all vehicular travel from now on, and definitely never drive. If you think vehicular deaths are funny in ANY capacity, I never want you behind the wheel. 

Taeyang X Hyoyeon

requested by anon


Hyoyeon heard his familiar shy voice, soft footsteps approaching behind her. She turned to him, and she smiled.

"Oh, oppa! You came," she wanted to throw down the bouquet of red roses and run to his arms. He was her best friend. He was her best friend, and if there was anyone she wanted to see on this day, it was him. He smiled a little, his eyes downcast as he stood in front of her. 

"You look beautiful," he mentioned, and she did. Only, he wished she didn’t look beautiful. He wished she wasn’t standing there in the dress she’d just worn to marry someone else. It hurt too much to go to her wedding. He’d told her he wouldn’t come, yet there he was. 

"Ah… thank you," she smiled shyly, wondering why they’d suddenly become so awkward. He was the one friend she shared everything with her entire life. He was the person she could always turn to when she needed anything, and he knew all of her secrets. It was strange for them to be this awkward, and Hyoyeon couldn’t understand why things had suddenly changed.

"I just… wanted to come congratulate you," Taeyang smiled again, although he didn’t seem sincere. Hyoyeon wanted him to be sincere, and she wanted him to be happy for her. She was happy, and he was her best friend. Why couldn’t he just be happy?

"Oppa…" she started, but she stopped as he suddenly hugged her, his arms wrapping around her thin waist.

"Please… be happy, Hyoyeon-ah," the words seemed to struggle out. "Be happy, at least…" Hyoyeon wasn’t any less confused. It occurred to her that maybe he was jealous, when he said he wouldn’t come to the wedding, but she didn’t think much of it. She hadn’t thought much of it, until now. Before she could say anything else, he pulled away, and his eyes met hers. He smiled a little, and Hyoyeon pretended not to notice the tears in his eyes.

"YoungBae oppa," she started again, but then her husband came, his arm carefully wrapping around her. 

"Oh! TaeYang-ah, you came!" her husband greeted her friend, and TaeYang just smiled.

"Congratulations," he said softly, and with that he began to walk away. Hyoyeon watched him silently, guilt filling her as she realized what had just happened. But it was too late. She couldn’t make it better. She was already married to someone else.

Learning K-pop songs. I wanna have some Korean songs in my repertoire. 

Started with Big Bang’s Love Song & 2NE1’s It Hurts

Also gonna learn Lies & Lonely, and some more pop ones like SNSD’s The Boys and  Wonder Girls Be My Baby. 

So much fun! K-pop is the funnest! I should learn the dances too and do some videos. 

Still annoyed at allkpop for calling Daniel Radcliffe “Harry Potter” in that one SNSD article.

-____- That seriously annoyed me. Is it really that hard to call him by his name? 

LOL @ The FineBros blocking/deleting the K-Pop Kids React..

I guess they didn’t realize how ravenous K-pop fans can be. Welp, Fine Bros…. that’s the K-pop fandom, for you. Nice to meet ya!

A Take on This Episode of Kids React

Riling up most K-pop fans, a lot of the kids reacted negatively to the K-pop videos they were shown. I will start by pointing out that the “Kids React” videos are meant to be funny, so it’s also likely that some of the older kids were trying to be funny (in kid language, that means be antagonistic), and it’s also likely that The Fine Bros edited it to what they felt were the funniest comments. I knew that, when people were requesting the K-pop videos weeks ago, it would turn out this way. I’d seen them do a J-pop video before, with that animated popstar they have in Japan (I don’t know her name), and the kids, though some liked it (just like some of the kids liked the K-pop), ripped it apart (just like the kids ripped K-pop apart). But, since some did like it, and said they would listen to K-pop again, being equally split just like the real K-pop fandom (3 for 2NE1, 3 for Super Junior, and I think 4 for SNSD), I think I’m right about them just showing what they felt were the funniest comments, which would be the most antagonistic ones, in this case. Dylan, for instance, seemed to enjoy the videos, and they barely showed him. THAT SAID.

I’m not going to comment on whether or not the kids should like K-pop. Instead, I’m going to focus on the comments that were made, and why they are unfortunate. One of the children said something like “there are a lot of weird people in the world,” when asked why people would like K-pop. He said “not that you have to be weird to like it, but I bet most of the people who like it are.” I do realize that, when you’re that age, how “weird” you seem to your peers matters. But to me, it’s sort of unfortunate that kids would think that, just because you think something will be seen as weird, you shouldn’t do or like it. Not K-pop; anything. The truth is, most Americans don’t like K-pop, or either don’t even know what it is. But the other truth is that you can’t decide what you like based on whether other people will think it’s weird, or not. I see this a lot with the kids in my family. I see this a lot with the kids I’ve worked with, in the past. If one kid is into something that none of the rest of them are, he or she is basically ridiculed for it… and not just something that is foreign to the country or culture. It could be something older, from a different generation, or from a different genre than their peers like. It could be too colorful, or too happy, or whatever. I really wish people would raise their kids to be open-minded, and to understand that everyone is different and that’s okay. “Weird” should not be a bad thing. That’s also where bullying comes from. If someone is not like the others, he or she will be singled out. Why should that boy dislike K-pop because “weird people” like it? Or anything? What makes a person “weird”? That they can enjoy something that other people in their peer group/circle/country don’t necessarily enjoy?

Another kid said they don’t like it because they can’t understand what they’re saying. That is a typical non-K-pop fan comment… but I was watching and wondering why so many people say that. Do you need to understand the lyrics to like the music? Then, I was watching Disney channel, and I see glaring examples of why people feel this way. There are three characters on Disney Channel that are big, insulting caricatures of foreign people and cultures. A cousin of mine, who has two elementary aged children, pointed this out to me. These characters are supposed to represent the weirdness of anything foreign. They don’t eat the same food, they talk weird, they dress weird, and they don’t understand simple American things. It doesn’t help that two of these people are supposed to be the bad guys of the show. But that concept isn’t new. American media has either humorized or exotified foreign cultures for generations. That’s why, when presented with something from a foreign culture, the average American will be like “what is that, like, some weird foreign shit?” Not only is that unfortunate, but it’s sort of embarrassing. In a country where we have people from almost every culture on Earth, how can we be so non-accepting of anything that isn’t American, or at least American-like, like Canadian successes such as Drake or Justin Bieber? But if it’s as foreign as Asia, even if it’s nearly the exact same thing as American stuff (like K-pop), it’s still seen as “weird foreign stuff”. That, or it’s seen as “just copying” American stuff. Either way, it’s not good. It’s “those people”, and therefore, you are supposed to dislike it.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this video (aside from comments made about “all of them looking alike” which is a classic Asian racism line), is that I thought we were moving towards becoming a MORE open-minded world. I remember my generation, in the 90s, learning about how everyone was different, and other cultures were interesting, and people are still people no matter what color or religion or ethnicity they are, or what their culture is. You see it a lot with the late-teens/20-something in this country. Not EVERY young person is really open-minded, but a lot are. We’re more open about race, gender, sexuality, culture, etc… Not so much religion, because I see a lot of obnoxious atheists in our generation who disrespect people’s religions on a regular basis, but… in a lot of cases, we have become a really open-minded generation. So… to see the one directly behind us being so closed-minded, and so unaccepting of anything different, it’s kind of disheartening. It’s sad. It’s like coming so far just to take several steps back. I guess I just… am urging parents, and people who hope to be parents in the future, to take the time to introduce your kids to something other than Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Rebecca Black, and whatever just happens to come on Disney Channel. Teach your kids that it’s okay to be “weird”, and to not hate themselves for whatever other people think is weird about them, whether it’s their race, their culture, their sexuality, or even just that they like to sit on the internet and blog all day about… whatever topic isn’t “cool” to their peers. Teach them that it’s okay to just be themselves, and that it’s okay for other people, too. That other people aren’t “weird” just because they don’t like the same things, don’t look the same, or don’t speak the same language. Teach them these things, people…

Because the reactions here… they speak a little louder, to me, than just not liking K-pop. (As an aside, the only Asian kid, Dylan, is the only kid who didn’t say something negative. And he had never seen K-pop before, either. THAT’S the point I’m making.)